StarShip Shipping Software | Version 16.x


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If you are on the latest StarShip shipping software version, be sure to run web updates on the Server and all Client machines.
If you are on an earlier version, download and install the latest version from your My Account customer portal.

StarShip shipping software | Version 16.4

Canadian Origin for FedEx shippers, OnTrac security changes, Southeastern Freight Lines (SEFL) updates

Canadian Origin for FedEx shippers
The FedEx module now includes support for shipments originating in Canada. Contact us to update your FedEx license with a Canadian account.

OnTrac Security Changes
OnTrac is migrating users to a new SFTP site for enhanced security and reliability. Starship 16.4.1 and higher supports the changes. Additional setup steps are required – see step 4:

Southeastern Freight Lines (SEFL)
Now supports PRO#

StarShip shipping software | Version 16.3

Canadian Origin for UPS shippers, New Interface: Acumatica, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016

Canadian Origin for UPS shippers
The UPS module now includes support for shipments originating in Canada. Contact us to update your UPS license with a Canadian account.

support for hosted on premise or cloud-based versions

  • Link to Acumatica Sales Orders, Shipments, and Customers
  • Multi-carrier, multi-mode support
  • Rate Quote, Dashboard, Branded emails and shipping labels

StarShip shipping software | Version 16.2.1

AESDirect Transition to ACE, FedEx Freight Inbound shipping

AESDirect Transition to ACE
Shipping international goods? The way you submit your EEI filing information when processing a shipment in StarShip has changed. See: AESDirect to ACE.

FedEx Freight – support for Inbound shipping

StarShip shipping software | Version 16.2

Carrier security updates, new LTL carrier: Pitt Ohio

Carrier security updates
StarShip now supports carrier security updates for UPS, FedEx, OnTrac, Estes, Old Dominion and others. New minimum system requirements include Windows 7 or higher. For a full list of supported operating systems, see: SHA-2 Security Updates.

New LTL Carriers
*optional modules

  • Pitt Ohio

StarShip shipping software | Version 16.1

USPS/Endicia rate/service update, changes for Reddaway and Holland freight carriers, new LTL carrier: Roadrunner, Sage 100 2016

New and updated LTL Carriers
*optional modules

  • Roadrunner – new
  • Holland – updated
  • Reddaway – updated

USPS/Endicia 2016 rate & service changes went into effect: Jan. 17, 2016.

  • Updated prices for January 17, 2016, including new country groupings for Priority Mail International Flat Rate Boxes.
  • The following products will be eliminated:
    * Priority Mail Express Flat Rate Box (domestic and international)
    * Priority Mail Regional Rate Box C (domestic and international)
    * Critical Mail (letters and flats)
  • Parcel Select Nonpresort will be rebranded as Parcel Select Ground™, and Standard Post will be rebranded as Retail Ground™.
  • The First-Class Package Service (FCPS) 14, 15, and 15.999 ounce offerings will be made available to Commercial Base users.
  • A new integrated customs form label format will be implemented for both domestic and international shipments that require customs forms (PS Forms 2976, 2976-A, and 2976-B). Your Endicia software will automatically pick the correct form type and number of pages required.
  • Up to $200 of merchandise insurance will be offered for Priority Mail International with the exception of Priority Mail International Flat Rate Envelopes and Small Flat Rate Boxes.

Sage 100 2016

  • Now supported for StarShip Link in addition to BOI
  • Sales Order Rate Quote – expanded field list for enhanced freight rules
  • Enhanced browser for batch processing
  • Group related orders into a single shipment with one click

StarShip shipping software | Version 16.0

2016 carrier rate/service update, A. Duie Pyle and Dayton Freight carriers, updated R+L, Endicia Global Service, Amazon enhancements and more!

New & Updated LTL Carriers
*optional modules

  • A. Duie Pyle – new
  • Dayton Freight – new
  • R+L – now supports pickup request and ability to generate the BOL

Endicia Global Service – expedited shipping to Brazil and Mexico with a domestic label and no customs forms!
*requires StarShip USPS module and service with

  • Same-day customs clearance. Shipments clear customs in as little as six hours as opposed to an average of five days.
  • Fast service. Shipments are delivered in eight to ten days.
  • End-to-end tracking. Endicia Global Service provides tracking and delivery scan rates that are equivalent to what shippers are accustomed to in the United States.
  • Price transparency. All duties and taxes are known at shipment creation. Endicia Global Service allows businesses the option to deliver products duty-paid. This means that taxes can be paid up-front rather than collected from the customer on delivery.
  • Reduced shipping complexity, with no customs forms to fill out and no need to print duplicate labels.
  • International address verification.

Amazon Enhancements
The latest Amazon interface allows you to see the status of your eCommerce Orders in StarShip.

2016 Rate and Service Changes


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